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Faucets: Is your faucet dripping or leaking?

Fix it ASAP and avoid wasting water and huge repair cost.

Water heaters:
Water heaters last for years. However, failures may require simple repairs that will return your heater to operate at a very reasonable cost.

If you are planning to buy

a new Water Heater search your product here:

Garbage Disposals:

Is your garbage disposal noisy?

Or even worse, is it leaking?

Avoid costly damage in your cabinet.

Call us to fix it right away!

Lines repiping:

Does the  water have sediment  and corrosion when  the faucet is on?

Do drain pipes clog up frequently?

Those are signs that repiping is needed.

Drain Cleaning:

Is your kitchen sink draining slowly?

Do you have multiple backups?

Is your toilete overflowing?

Those are signs for an immediate action to clear the drain pipe

Troubleshooting leaks:

Do you have a pond in your yard?

Do you see water on the floor?

Is your water meter permanently running?

Call us for an immediate repair! 


Gas Lines Installation:

Most fires are caused by gas leaks?

Do you smell gas in your house?

1. Call PG&A to shut off the gas supply

2. Call us to repair the gas installation

Plumbing assesment:

Do You need to report about the condition of your plumbing system?

Our plumbing expertise allows us to issue an assessment of the condition of plumbing systems. 


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