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The pocket Pluger clean faoucet

Company Mission:


The Pocket Plunger is a company dedicated to residential plumbing services and maintenance since 2002. Our experience enables us to provide efficient and economical service.

The Pocket Plunger is a plumbing service with which you can count on when promptness, efficiency, honesty, and reliability is sought. All service areas have been improved through technology, the plumbing service is not an exception. New materials and devices have been innovated to provide a more efficient and economical service.

The Pocket Plunger perfect swower
The Povket Plunger "EPA" selection
The Pocket Plunger Sink faucet selection

About Us.

Our testimonials are proof of the reliability of our service. The founder, Antonio, is the perfect example of what can happen when hard work and perseverance meets dedication and drive. Antonio joins us here from Peru where he studied economics. Around the time of his graduation, Lima had suffered a huge financial crisis and Antonio’s career had stalled only being able to find work at a creditor’s bureau handling delinquent accounts. Antonio had hit a ceiling in Peru and was unable to move forward in his career. But his strength in mind kicked in and by an exciting chance, just before the turn of the new millennium, he had the opportunity to come to CA and study English under a scholarship at the UC Davis Extension Center. On December 27th, 1999, Antonio made the journey to CA and hit the ground running, studying like a mad man and working very hard and looking for odd jobs to pay for his education. Somewhere along the way, one day, the pivotal moment that started it all. A good friend of Antonio’s offered him a job as an assistant at his plumbing company. This was a difficult laborious job, and Antonio struggled with the language barrier. However, the pay was great and it gave Antonio the opportunity to master the English language, and grow as a person. Unfortunately, after the housing market crashed in CA, he again found himself unemployed. Antonio being the optimistic person that he is found the light in the dark tunnel, and decided to earn his Plumbers Contractors License and start a plumbing company of his very own. While researching all the materials he would need to start his business, Antonio stumbled upon the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce during the State Fair at Cal Expo. The Chamber had a huge impact on him, and he offered them his time to help in any way, before leaving he had become a member and after only one year of being a part of the program he had accepted a position as an Ambassador for the Chamber. Meanwhile, in 2009 Antonio visited several networking groups promoting his business. One, in particular, impressed him: Business International Networking, known as BNI. This organization taught him how to become a better business owner and entrepreneur. The Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, BNI and their members have helped Antonio understand the complexities of running a successful business in CA. For the past ten years, Antonio has developed one of the most reputable and trusting plumbing services in the Sacramento area. 


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